A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a way to deal with isolated spots of poor coverage inside a large building by installing a network of relatively small antennas throughout the building to serve as repeaters. Here at Skylight Techs we use traditional Broadband RF and Broadband RF Fiber, improving actual limitations in system response under critical situations, which is extremely critical for communication systems. Skylight Techs opens a new and wide range of possibilities and security features. Our Engineering Team is capable to design a “best in class” DAS solution that focuses on improving performance. As part of our services we enhance flexibility for design and implementation, sharper filtering masks, virtual measuring instrument implementation. Also, we use tools such as spectrum management and uplink noise management.

System Maintenance and Yearly Inspection

The NFPA/ICC requires that all emergency coverage radio systems are inspected annually, and when buildings undergo structural changes or additions that would result in the original field performance tests being materially changed. Here at Skylight Techs we can perform the inspections requirements listed on the NFPA/ICC standards as well as communication can be supported for up to an hour while the system runs on batteries or backup power and acceptance test procedures are being followed. At Skylight Techs we are committed to maintain the health of your communication systems to allow the owners to rest assured that their emergency personnel and buildings get the communication coverage needed.

Nurse Call Systems

Delivering quicker response to patient requests and assistance calls. Here at Skylight Techs we could help you with all your questions and needs on Nurse Call systems. Skylight Techs utilizes systems that delivers alerts, messaging and voice integration to leading nurse call systems, allowing clinicians to respond more quickly to patient requests. Skylight Techs understands how critical it is for caregivers to be notified when a patient presses their call button, pulls a bath cord, or when a clinical coworker initiates a Code Blue or Staff Assist call from the patient’s room. Our design includes automatic escalation that helps reduce response time and helps reduce the risk of human error.

Keyless Systems

Skylight Techs Keyless access solutions are designed to provide residents and property managers with unprecedented flexibility, convenience, and security. Skylight Techs combines hardware, software, and services in a single system. Skylight Techs makes managing access quicker, simpler, and more cost effective. Property managers can invite residents, long-term service providers, and corporate partners in a few easy steps; assign different permission levels to building staff; and more. Our designs and system meet the needs of the modern resident, increase the value of your property and keep your building secure.

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At Skylight Techs, we strive to offer the most professional and effective sales and installation for your systems.  It is our mission to be the industry leading provider of low voltage systems by using our vast experience to complete each project.

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