Our family of code-compliant BDA systems are designed to safeguard the lives of first responders in a variety of public building environments. Public safety-first responders such as ambulance service, fire service, law enforcement, rescue squad, emergency management and securities are mission critical operations that help protect and rescue the general public from danger. Communication networks have to ensure that critical information is transmitted and received promptly to co-ordinate and facilitate rescue efforts. Here at Skylight Techs we provide Public Safety BDA (Bi-directional amplifier) designed to meet the needs of first responder communications by delivering a highly affordable, state of the art solution so venue owners can rest assured that emergency personnel get the communication coverage they need and deserve.

5 Crucial RF Code Changes to Protect First Responders

1. Emergency Responder Radio Coverage.
a) 95% RADIO COVERAGE required on every floor of your building.
2. National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.
a) 90% floor area radio coverage mandatory in all building areas.
3. National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.
a) 99% floor area coverage required in critical areas (identified by AHJ).
4. New building radio coverage.
a) Radio coverage in all new buildings mandated per IFC Section 510 or state-recognized fire code.
5. Local ordinances.
a) Adhere to code requirements rolled out locally by jurisdiction.

System Maintenance and Yearly Inspection

The NFPA/ICC requires that all emergency coverage radio systems are inspected annually, and when buildings undergo structural changes or additions that would result in the original field performance tests being materially changed. Here at Skylight Techs we can perform the inspections requirements listed on the NFPA/ICC standards as well as communication can be supported for up to an hour while the system runs on batteries or backup power and acceptance test procedures are being followed. At Skylight Techs we are committed to maintain the health of your communication systems to allow the owners to rest assured that their emergency personnel and buildings get the communication coverage needed.

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